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Mike Tyson has found himself in trouble once again.

This time it’s not a recent offense, but for something inexcusable he may have done back in the 1990s after a night out with a woman he met at a New York dance club.

In an affidavit filed by an anonymous woman in Albany, New York’s County Court on Jan. 5, she claims the boxer raped her, according to NBC.

In the court document, she goes on to explain the night she spent with Tyson.

“I met Mike Tyson in the early 1990s at a dance club called Septembers. My friend and I were hanging out with him and his limousine driver. Tyson told us about a party and asked us to join him. My friend was going to drop off her car, and Tyson said he would pick her up in the limousine.”

Continuing, she explains how things got dark once she entered his car, and he began to touch her despite her pleas to stop.

“I told him no several times and asked him to stop, but he continued to attack me. He then pulled my pants off and violently raped me,” her statement continues.

The woman wants to maintain her anonymity because she said publishing her name “would certainly pose a risk to me of further mental harm, harassment, ridicule or personal embarrassment.”

The woman is seeking $5 million in damages for the alleged crime because she has suffered “physical, psychological and emotional injury” in the years since the attack.

Mike Tyson was previously accused of rape in 1991 by beauty queen Miss Black Rhode Island Desiree Washington, where she said he persuaded her to enter his hotel room. Tyson denied the rape but was found guilty, ordered to serve 10 years in prison and released after three.

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