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The estate of John Singleton recently submitted an updated inventory of assets belonging to the late filmmaker, and one of the most special articles on the list is a painting of Tupac Shakur valued at $75,000. The artwork was featured prominently in Singleton’s 2001 film Baby Boy, particularly in the room of its protagonist Jody Summers.

RadarOnline says they obtained the court documents provided by Sheila Ward, Singleton’s mother, and executrix of his estate. The list also includes Jody’s lowrider bicycle ($50,000), a Miles Davis poster ($21,000), various other paintings priced at $8,000, over a dozen boxes of comic books and more. The sum worth of items reportedly sits at $156,700.

Singleton and Shakur worked together on the film Poetic Justice, for which the rapper received an NAACP Image Awards nomination. In the summer of 1996, Singleton believed in the hip-hop icon so much that he told Shakur Baby Boy would nab him his first Oscars acting nod as well. But Tupac was infamously killed one week later in a Las Vegas drive-by shooting.

“I’d been working on the notes for years, and it was actually the last thing I talked to Tupac about doing,” he told the Chicago Tribune nearly five years after Shakur’s death. “When he got killed, I just put it on the shelf. I thought there was no way I’m gonna find anyone with as much heart and soul as he did, until I met Tyrese.”

And in an interview with TV One’s Uncensored, Tyrese Gibson shared how he landed the memorable role of Jody. “John walked up to me at one of these BET parties and said, ‘Hey man, I’ve got this movie idea called Baby Boy.’ And he was supposed to do it with Tupac, and Pac got killed. So John just put it on the shelf, he was done with it. He was like, ‘I wrote it for Pac, I had Pac in mind.’ So once Pac got killed it, it was over. And then John met me.”

“And because the movie was supposed to be done with Tupac, that’s the reason why we have this big mural of Tupac in my bedroom,” Gibson later revealed during the sit-down. “Because that was John’s way of saying, ‘You were supposed to be in this movie. You was my original baby bro.'”