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Do y’all remember the season two finale of Atlanta when Donald Glover’s character “Earn” realized he had Uncle Willy’s golden gun in his bag while he was going through TSA at the airport just before leaving for his European tour with Paper Boi and Darius? Well, apparently, something similar to that happened to comedian Mike Epps.

According to IndyStar., the Upshaws star was at the Indianapolis International Airport getting ready to kick off a nationwide comedy tour when TSA agents found a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver in his backpack.

From IndyStar:

An Indianapolis Airport Authority officer responded to a call of a possible firearm inside of a backpack on a screening table to find Epps, who said he forgot the weapon was inside the bag, according to a report.

The gun was loaded with four rounds of Hornady .38 Special ammo, but none was under the firing pin, the report said.

Fortunately for Epps, he didn’t have to avoid arrest by slipping the firearm into someone else’s bag like a certain often-shady main character in Atlanta. Instead, police officers confiscated the gun and advised Epps on how he can get it back. But Epps was allowed to go on his way. Meanwhile, information regarding the incident was sent to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, which will determine if Epps will be charged with anything.

Be careful out there, folks. They do not play at TSA, and you might not be as lucky as the celebrity comedian who probably did just make an honest mistake.

Double-check your bags before reaching the airport checkpoint, good people.

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