Our best fitness tip? Workout with friends

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If you’re doing this adulting stuff right one thing is certain, you’re going to make new friends. A lot of folks have OGs, and instinctually those are the people they’ll want to celebrate on National Best Friends Day. But sometimes there’s a new pal coming through in the moments you need them most, or a co-worker from another state who you vibe with on a whole different level, that’s also your go-to. That doesn’t mean you have to ditch your old buddies, it’s just time to make room for more.

Here’s how to figure out if that new person in your life is a true road dog.

1 You Work Well Together

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Y’all just get each other. You don’t have to talk a lot or have a bunch of things in common, but when you’re in sync, it’s easy, fun and adds value to your life.

2 You Have Each Other’s Backs

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Crazy, awkward and challenging situations are the times when loyalty is truly tested. If your new pal is by your side when it goes down—despite major repercussions—your relationship isn’t casual. This is a true best friend.

3 Arguments Don’t Last

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Of course, there will be times when you don’t agree, but you always resolve things fairly, move forward quickly and get back to having fun.

4 There’s Minimal Judgement

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Whether it’s good or bad, this person is down to hear your side of the story and give fair, honest feedback.

5 You’ve Taken Life-Changing Trips Together

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You don’t really know someone until you’ve had to use a different currency together. Travel makes and breaks all kinds of relationships because there’s no hiding, and you have to deal with various stressors. If you made it through an excursion—the further away from home the better—that’s the homie.

6 You Look At Things The Same Way

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It’s nice to have someone who understands your perspective without having to do too much explaining. That person is a keeper.

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