elton anderson jr for Flonase

Source: Elton Anderson, Jr. / Elton Anderson, Jr.

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Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or battle allergy symptoms year round, you already know the struggle. Itchy eyes and nasal congestion are no joke—and that’s the last thing you want to deal with on a relaxing getaway.

Photographer and OG travel influencer, Elton Anderson, is no stranger to these symptoms. As a lifelong allergy sufferer, the Detroit native has to manage his symptoms on a regular basis.

“I’ve always battled allergies my whole life,” he says. “It gets really bad around this time. It keeps me up at night. It’s the worst.”

Anderson shares his journey as a travel influencer and how Flonase has been a game changer in allowing him to explore the world with ease.

Traveling the world

elton anderson jr for Flonase

Source: Elton Anderson, Jr. / Elton Anderson, Jr.

Anderson quit his nine to five to pursue his passion. He picked up a camera and a passport in 2008. And the rest is history. “I had never left the country when I got my passport,” he says. “It started really small—trying to create the thing that I didn’t see. I didn’t see somebody like myself traveling, so I was like, let me just start creating.”

He has since traveled to 85 countries. He’s floated in Senegal’s saline Le Lac Rose (The Pink Lake), skinny-dipped in glacier water in Iceland and even spent the early years of COVID-19 in Bali. There seems to be no limit to his love for adventure.

Anderson is fueled by connection to the culture and the people at every stop of his journey. “I love connecting with people,” he says. “I love dropping into a place and I love to experience the culture.”

Connection defines the essence of his photography work, as well. His intimate portraits of Erykah Badu, Issa Rae, Nas and Kelly Rowland (to name a few) speak to his ability to connect with every subject before his lens.

Managing allergies on the go

elton anderson jr for Flonase

Source: Elton Anderson, Jr. / Elton Anderson, Jr.

Allergies don’t get in the way of Anderson’s passion for traveling the world. Whether he’s celebrating Holi in India, or hitting Bondi Beach in Australia, he’s got Flonase on hand for sneezing and congestion. “For me, Flonase has been really, really important because I definitely do a lot of outdoor travel,” he says.

We first caught up with Anderson during a quick stopover at his home base, Los Angeles, before he headed out to the Dominican Republic for the weekend. “I was in Atlanta for a shoot last week, and Flonase was saving my life,” he says. “It’s always in my carry-on kit. With Flonase, I’ll be able to manage my congestion in three very different climates.”

Like any good foodie, a big part of Anderson’s travel adventures is exploring local dishes. He’s got Flonase for that, too. “You know I’m all about food,” he says. “I can taste food way better when my sinuses are clear.”

Hitting the beach in DR

elton anderson jr for Flonase

Source: Elton Anderson, Jr. / Elton Anderson, Jr.

His latest adventure brought him to the capital city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic for a boys trip. He shared the details of his trip upon arriving back in LA.

Their first stop: Playa Boca Chica (Boca Chica Beach). About an hour’s drive outside of Santo Domingo, this beach is where all the locals go, Anderson says. “It was crazy. It was so active,” he says. “It was so good to see the different families, just posted up during this holiday weekend. The energy was great, the vibes, the culture, all of those things were top tier.”

“We made our base camp at this restaurant (Bocana). The food was delicious. I love the flavors of DR. When I lived in New York, I lived in the Bronx. So I felt like I was getting some of my favorite foods that I’d get in the Bronx.”

“The beach was amazing. The water was really blue, crystal blue.”

Next on the itinerary was yacht day. They got on board at Playa Boca Chica and cruised the turquoise blue waters of the beach. “We rode around the ocean for a little bit and then anchored at a sand bank where we could chill and dance in the middle of the ocean.”

“I love swimming. I’m a Pisces, I love the water. Whenever I travel, if there’s an ocean, I’m getting in it,” he says. “It was really good for me to be able to enjoy the ocean, without having congestion and sneezing and stuff like that.”

Going back to Cali

elton anderson jr for Flonase

Source: Elton Anderson, Jr. / Elton Anderson, Jr.

Anderson returned to Los Angeles feeling renewed. He hopes to encourage more people to travel to DR and see the world. “It was a welcome experience. I got to make new friends,” he says. “I got a chance to tap into the culture in the Dominican Republic, one of my favorite countries.”

As a creative professional, travel is what fills his cup. “When I go and travel, I come back with all this wealth and richness in my soul, and then I translate that to more creativity,” he says. “It helps me with my own creative process as a photographer. It was the perfect recharge for myself on a personal level and also as a creative.”

With “as many as 60 million people per year” affected by allergy symptoms like congestion, sneezing, runny nose and itchy, watery eyes in the United States, Flonase is a must when traveling to new places. So be sure to pack your Flonase for your next getaway. Don’t let allergies get in the way of your next adventure.

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