People are cool with Cory’s smile, no matter how chipped his tooth is.

But that didn’t stop the production team —and Sherrod through tons of manipulation and blackmailing— to want to fix his crooked smile. So he copped the perfect smile veneers in hopes to crack jokes on Cory for an entire afternoon.

But even better is that Cory had no idea what they’d be trying on the latest episode and he’s just greeted by a pot of boiling water. Sherrod, being Sherrod, makes countless jokes alluding to some illegal activities that often involve individuals standing over a pot of boiling water and whipping it like it’s stir-fry. If you’re still unsure what we’re talking about, just press play on any Pusha T song and not long after you’ll start to feel like a kingpin.

But Sherrod argues that the duo is Hollywood now which means his pearly whites have to be pristine. In essence, he got a bag, now he has to fix his teeth, word to Cardi B.

Cory obviously isn’t with the sh*ts but for the viewers, he sucks it up and drops the veneers in the boiling hot water for a few minutes before affixing to his gums. But, as Cory brought up, who is Sherrod to make fun of his chipped tooth when Sherrod doesn’t have any teeth? Next, we get Sherrod to try on the fake teeth, and if you ask Cory, he looks like he “a snitch who sucked his thumb as a kid.” He also just looks creepy AF. Welp

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