Did Cory violate bro code in the latest episode of We Tried It? You’re gonna have to let us know.

Movie night must be coming up, because LED projectors are the new wave. It’s like Netflix and chill… but bigger—literally. But before we could even check out the projector, the bros have some beef about Cory coming on to his girl. But Cory claims he’s just being a good homie. But we digress. After unboxing the projector, which comes with its own remote, Sherrod quickly hooks it up through a HDMI cord to his laptop and its time to rock.

The last movie night was at Cory’s crib and Sherrod brought all of his cousins over without telling anyone. Since they all had Mexican food that day, they completely destroyed Cory’s bathroom. Since Cory’s place is now off-limits, they decide to test the projector in the studio with a special guest— Sherrod’s girlfriend Vernita, from Guyana.

Some may say that Cory was whispering in Vernita’s ear, but it’d be rude to talk loudly during a movie, right? He also gets some jokes off. Vernita obviously wasn’t feeling it, because she was still laughing at Sherrod’s extremely corny jokes. But most importantly, the projector works perfectly and you can even add external speakers to get the base boomin’ if need be.

Coming in at less than $50, we didn’t destroy the projector because it’s definitely a keeper.

We Tried It Projector

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video