There’s the jerky you get from your convenience store and then there’s wild Kangaroo jerky and sh*t like that. We try to be fake fancy over here at CASSIUS, so Sherrod dropped $42 on assorted jerky to stunt on Cory. But we all know how much of a picky eater he is and he definitely wasn’t going to eat it alone. Cory also says he’s not eating meat for the summer whilst on his vegan/pescatarian tip so we’ll respect that. (Spoiler alert: We don’t.)

So, who’s a better recruit to taste weird stuff with us than the president of the company? Welcome, Detavio Samuels.

Cory thinks Detavio’s the perfect person to eat the jerky because he’s from Colorado and apparently that makes him some sort of expert? Sherrod claims if you eat the Kangaroo one, “you’ll hop your ass to the bathroom,” but we take chances here at Cassius — and we regretted it. Cory and Detavio weren’t feeling the Kangaroo piece … or most of the others so you know what means — destruction time.

Detavio and Cory may have tasted some weird stuff, but the joke is on Sherrod for spending damn near $50 on jerked meat.

We Tried It Jerky

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video