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Nathan Fluellen Flonase Sponsorship

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Allergies can make or break a dream getaway. That’s why adventure ambassador Nathan Fluellen relies on Flonase to relieve sneezing and congestion on his epic adventures—whether he’s swimming with sharks in the Indian Ocean or snowshoeing on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Flonase is a staple in Fluellen’s travel kit so he can be prepared on the go. “Flonase made it easier to alleviate allergies, so it’s been great to have in my arsenal,” says the fearless explorer.

The Chicago native was inspired to travel abroad by a college professor who challenged him to see the world. “When he said that, I was like, ‘Oh I could do this,’” says Fluellen, who at that time had not been overseas. “I was well traveled in the U.S., but I didn’t take my first international trip until I was 23.”

The avid adventurer has since visited 75 countries in all seven continents, and he’s been doing it for 18 years. “I tell people, I live in the world, I just vacation in LA (his home base),” he says.

Adventuring To The Fullest

Nathan Fluellen Flonase Sponsorship

Source: Courtesy of Nathan Fluellen / other

Allergies don’t stop Fluellen from venturing to the farthest ends of the earth. The seasoned explorer ranks Antarctica as the most memorable place he has visited—he even brought his mom along for the journey.

“It was incredible. We touched our feet on the Antarctic Peninsula,” Fluellen says. “We learned about the different wildlife—the humpback whales, seals and penguins—and did a snowshoe hike expedition.”

Staying active is a must when Fluellen is exploring new places. From rock climbing to scuba diving, whitewater rafting, ice climbing and bungee jumping—he’s game.

“Adventure is the most important thing. I’m always looking for adventure. Because that makes you appreciate the destination,” says the thrill-seeking globetrotter. “Most adventures take you outside of the city center and you get to explore off the beaten path, see uncharted territories and get an understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness that that country has to offer.”

Allergy symptoms can pop up when you least expect them, which is why Fluellen stays prepared. “When I’m in certain parts of the world, there’s some type of pollen in the environment that makes me have to sneeze,” he says. “I was just in Paris, and I don’t know what it was, but I was sneezing bad when it came to whatever was in the air.”

Flonase does the trick to combat sneezing and a stuffy nose. “It’s a lot of congestion where I’m blowing my nose, trying to clear my nasal passage,” he says.

Clear nasal passages means Fluellen, a self-professed foodie, can enjoy tasting local dishes at every destination. “I’m a professional eater, so food is important,” he quips. “I’m always excited to explore different cuisines and try what’s unique to that area and discover places through food and conversation.”

A Community That Surfs Together

Nathan Fluellen Flonase Sponsorship

Source: Courtesy of Nathan Fluellen / other

Fluellen is always down for a chance to get into the ocean. “Being an avid surfer, if a destination has an opportunity to surf, that’s high on my list,” he says.

The intrepid explorer took up surfing while spending time with the Zulu boys and girls surfers in Durban, South Africa for his TV series World Wide Nate: African Adventures. “I started taking lessons so I can surf on camera, and just fell in love with surfing. It was a dream deferred,” he says.

Fluellen now calls Los Angeles home, where he can surf any time. He founded the largest gathering of Black surfers in history, called A Great Day in the Stoke, which hosted its first meet-up in 2022 in response to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. The goal of these gatherings is to celebrate life, and to create visibility and community for Black surfers.

“We were having these paddle-outs, which is a celebration of a surfer who has passed away. It’s in the Hawaiian culture where people paddle into the ocean, form a circle and throw leis or flowers into the middle of the circle, and splash to the heavens in remembrance of that person,” Fluellen says. “It was a somber mood at first, but it became upbeat after people started socializing and connecting. I was seeing that we were coming together in a way that was a celebration of our existence.”

This year, A Great Day in the Stoke (a nod to A Great Day in Harlem in 1958 and A Great Day in Hip-Hop in 1998) will take place on September 16 at Huntington Beach, Surf City, U.S.A.

Flonase To The Rescue

As an experienced traveler, Fluellen keeps Flonase on hand, ready to battle allergy symptoms anywhere in the world. Whether he’s ice climbing in the Drakensberg Mountains or catching a swell at Huntington Beach—he’s always prepared.

Having Flonase at the ready is key to any successful adventure. “I have a little Ziploc bag prepared when I’m ready to travel,” he says. “That’s the number one thing that I keep with me to combat allergies.”

When you’re traveling this fall, the last thing you need is your allergies popping up uninvited. Don’t get caught slipping on your next getaway. Grab Flonase for your next big trip—because nobody has time for congestion, sneezing and itchy, watery eyes when you’re trying to unwind.