1993 NBA Finals Game 6: Chicago Bulls vs. Phoenix Suns

Source: Andrew D. Bernstein / Getty

Michael Jordan’s Father was murdered on July 23, 1993, and one of the alleged killers involved is seeking a new trial.

The story goes that on that summer day, Jordan’s father was resting at a highway rest area in North Carolina when his Lexus was carjacked by two teenagers. His body was dumped in a swamp in South Carolina and wasn’t discovered until August 3. The two assailants were caught after they made calls from James Jordan’s cellphone. After the trial, they were sent to jail for life, but one of them just filed for a retrial.

According to a lengthy piece done by the Chicago Tribune‘s Dan Wiederer, Daniel Green, one of the alleged killers, and his defense team are now hoping a superior court judge will consider new evidence.

“Green’s defense team hopes to present new evidence that they contend will show that the blood evidence and testimony were misrepresented at the original trial; that a bullet hole found in Jordan’s shirt is suspect; and that there were failures by the prosecution to properly disclose information that would have connected the sheriff’s drug-trafficking biological son to the investigation,” writes Wiederer.

Green thinks this new evidence will clear him of any wrongdoing, but prosecutor Johnson Britt is convinced that he’ll still remain in prison for the rest of his natural life.

“I just think that’s his personality,” Britt told Wiederer. “He’s never going to own up to what he did. He’s never going to own up to what the jury said he did. He just won’t accept it.”

The then-teenager does admit to helping move Jordan’s body into the swamp, but says he did not pull the trigger.

“If you’re innocent of something, it makes you want to keep fighting. Because you’re really fighting for reality,” Green told Wiederer. “If you know what reality is, you’re trying to protect it. It’s almost a matter of protecting your own sanity.”