We Tried It: $80 Beef Sandwiches from Don Wagyu


Have you ever seen a puppet attempt the #InMyFeelings challenge while singing the wrong lyrics? Sherrod’s got you covered on all those bases on the latest episode of We Tried It. But sh*tty dancing aside, the bros are trying out Don Wagyu.

Don Wagyu is a new spot that opened in Lower Manhattan that sells very luxe beef sandwiches. And since Sherrod is bougie, his contract requires him to try the most baller of foods on a monthly basis. So, not only will he and Cory be trying the $28¬†American Washugyu burger, but they’ll also be privileged enough to taste the $80 A5 Miyazaki.

Cory, a self-proclaimed food connoisseur, describes the Washugyu burger as “mad tender.” But the complex flavors really hit him when he tries the Miyazaki version. He describes it as a fatty burger and is quick to finish his tiny share. But if there’s one thing that remained consistent through the tasting, it was how good the seaweed-dusted fries were.

There is a $180 burger, but for budget reasons, we didn’t cop it. Please, please don’t rub it in Sherrod’s face because he might try to strangle you with his child-sized du-rag. And yes, that’s Cory doing the shimmy to “In My Feelings” in the GIF below.

We Tried It Wagyu

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video

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