Odunde Through the Lens of… Marc Lamont Hill


What’s it like to experience the Odunde Festival firsthand? Just ask Kingsley Ibeneche, Marc Lamont Hill, and Oshunbumi “Bumi” Fernandez. For Ibeneche, it’s a space to unapologetically be oneself. For Hill, it’s a reaffirmation of Blackness. And for Fernandez—daughter of co-founder Lois Fernandez—it’s a reminder of her mother’s belief in her self. “When I get on that stage, and I see nothing but a sea of humanity, and here are all these people and not one ounce of trouble—that speaks magnitudes,” Fernandez tells CASSIUS. Take a closer look at the largest African-American street festival in the country through the lens of those who cherish it.

Directed & Produced by Sofiya Ballin, Filmed by Lou Peluyera

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