You know that moment when you don’t fold your clothes and suddenly it’s time to get dressed and everything you own is wrinkled? Or how about when you’re searching through the dirty pile for your favorite shirt only to find out there’s a giant oil stain in the middle?

On some grown man sh*t, it’s time to do your laundry.

Dustin didn’t realize it himself until he was about to get down to business a few nights ago and went to grab condoms —which are always stashed in the sock drawer— and ruined the mood because of his messy ass top drawer with nothing but single socks strewn everywhere. To avoid this, learn to pair socks with equally as dingy ones and remember that bathroom towels only match in movies. You, on the other hand, have ones with loose thread and bleach spots— and it adds character so we’re not even mad at.

The biggest tip Dustin drops in this episode of Grown Man Sh*t is to keep your favorite nostalgic t-shirts at the bottom of the pile, so that when your one night stand grabs a tee to walk around the house in, it’s not the one you got for winning the state champs in high school.

Oh, and while folding your clothes is some grown man sh*t, please don’t do it at Trump rallies.

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