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Why the CD-R Is Dead.

Generation Z Twitter is perplexed by the idea of burning CDs, and that’s fine, because The Guardian’s Laura Snapes says they’re better off without them anyway.

“It all feels so silly, funny and slightly sad to look back on,” she writes in a piece titled “The CD-R is dead – and Generation Z are lucky to have avoided it.” She continues, “I don’t miss it: the bulk, the scratches, the ease with which your little brother could snap a beloved mixtape in two. I don’t believe that physical engagement with media makes you cherish it more – if at 15 I could have ripped streams, today’s most popular form of piracy, I’d be in faster than you could say ‘jewel case packaging.'”

We have to say she has a point. Still, there’s nothing like the nostalgia that comes with remembering those times you came home with a fresh pack of blank CDs only to realize—after you already opened the package and burned that mixtape for your best friend—that you accidentally purchased the un-rewritable ones. (Damnit!)

Meet the Next Generation of Wireless.

5G and wifi-6? The future has arrived, and Forbes has the breakdown of all you need to know about what’s next for high-speed wireless technology.

Check it out.

Forcing Bosses to Pay More Works, According to This Article.

You may or may not recall that in 2014, Seattle announced a plan to phase in a $15 minimum wage for its workers. While some thought it may negatively impact the economy, VICE—as well as the other states that followed suit—has found that it actually isn’t such a bad idea after all.

“As the New York Times reported Monday, a new paper from the same UW team amounted to a tacit endorsement, at least compared to its previous findings, of the Seattle plan,” VICE writes. “Many workers stuck in low-paying jobs saw material gains in overall pay—an average of $84 per month for those working the most hours in the nine months since the 2016 pay bump. And while some new workers may have been kept out of the job market by a relative paucity of lower-paying jobs—and others saw minimal gains in minimum-wage jobs with fewer hours—more human beings making more money in a smaller amount of time overall seemed like the clearest product of the law.”

Perhaps it’s time to have a little chat with your boss.

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In Other News, Here Are Some Songs That’ll Put a Hole in a House Party Floor.

We of course do not want to make light of floor collapsing during a homecoming party at Clemson University on Sunday (30 students were injured, according to reports). But this playlist that VIBE put together? Flames. And it’s a pretty good guide to what not to play at your next house party if you’re trying to avoid having your floor cave in.

Follow the link and press play.

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