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Since this is our first installment of The Weekly Trade—where the CASSIUS editorial team will offer up a person, place or thing that our people no longer have use for and propose a modest exchange for something or someone else—it only seemed right to set our sights on someone who has needed to have a field of seats for a very long time: Tyrese, aka “Black Ty” aka “The guy who painted a picture of 2Pac being baptized by Malcolm X.”

As most of you know, Jody has been sharing his thoughts on women’s dating habits for quite some time and the commentary has ranged from annoying to “Negro, what the f**k are you actually even talking about?”. But his recent remarks to Hello Beautiful and BET, which largely spun from a problematic IG post last month, are amongst his worst ones yet.

A highlight from that BET clip if you missed it: “Sluts, skeezers, hoes, tramps and overly aggressive promiscuous women, they are never without a man because they don’t have no standards.”

We are over you, Jody. We really, really are.

Now, some of us are old enough to remember when Tyrese was nothing but a heart-throb, serenading women on the back of the Coke bus and dancing to Usher’s “My Way.” We liked that guy, the one who managed to still look good while sporting the dumbest ass piercing to ever exist and who melted our hearts with “Sweet Lady” and “Lately,” (back when it wasn’t as uncommon to see a Black woman darker than a paper bag as the lead girl in a video, ahem.)

We are over you, Jody. We really, really are.

But those were the good ole days, before Steve Harvey made a fortune by dispensing cheating-ass uncle wisdom to desperate and lonely women as a “relationship expert.” Really, this is Uncle Steve’s entire got-damn fault, but we’ll save our thoughts on the king of the 10-button suit for another day.

Alas, there’s money to be made telling #females they ain’t shit and they need to tighten up if they ever want to “get chose”—which is, of course, the greatest accomplishment a woman can ever aspire to.

One would think that Tyrese may be too busy promoting his new film or enjoying life as a newlywed to get us lowly “hoes and skanks” in order. And since he’s so concerned about black women, one might hope he’d turn his attention towards an issue that threatens the lives of Black women and girls like domestic violence, human trafficking, or wage inequality since he’s not without options in that regard, Sadly, he seems committed to posing as a relationship expert and it doesn’t look like he’s backing down on his dated misogynistic bullshit any time soon.

For that reason, it’s time to get the man who PAINTED A PICTURE OF 2PAC BEING BAPTIZED BY MALCOLM X the entire f***k out of here for the next three months (if he can keep quiet that long). Black women got entirely too much shit to do to have to worry about 1/3rd of TGT trying to tell them who they need to be and for whom. On behalf of Team CASSIUS, we are offering up Tyrese for the low, low price of a Unicorn frap. Starbucks’ latest concoction appeared on menus in April, is trending on social media and apparently causing headaches. It’s cute and colorful, though. And at least the headaches comes from sugar and not misogyny. We can revisit Tyrese’s standing in the community this summer, or when we’ve gotten tired of the liquid diabetes.