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The nation is disgusted after Jussie Smollett was brutally attacked in a racist and homophobic assault, reportedly carried out by MAGA. Now there are new details concerning the sickening incident, as a neighbor reportedly saw a suspicious man just outside of Jussie’s apartment building a little while before the attack. TMZ:


TMZ says “A woman who lives in Jussie Smollett‘s apartment building told cops she saw a suspicious man — whom she said looked like a ‘redneck’ — loitering just outside the entrance to the building an hour and a half before Jussie says he was attacked. The woman… walked out of the building at 12:30 AM Tuesday to take her dogs out and saw the man near the door, pacing between the parking garage and entrance, looking agitated and smoking a cigarette.”

Jussie’s neighbor tells the site that the man “looked out of place.” Additionally, TMZ reports, “He was a white man with scruff on his face wearing a blue winter beanie, a blue zip-up sweatshirt with a hood and blue jeans that were too short, exposing ‘thick, grey hunting socks’ with camel-colored dress shoes. She says she noticed what looked like a rope, or a clothesline, protruding from the bottom of his sweatshirt, made of white and blue material. She says he was staring at another man about 300 feet away, who was standing near another entrance to the building. She says she got ‘creeped out’ by the man, and after 5 minutes she retreated back into the building.”

The neighbor says she went to sleep and when she woke up, around 4 a.m., she noticed there was a lot of security, at which point the building’s concierge informed her Jussie had been attacked.

Cops have released photos of two persons of interest at this time. We will continue to keep you updated as new details surface.

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