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The death of 4-year-old Maleah Davis sent shockwaves through the nation, and now her honor will be remembered by Shirley Scarpetta, a Houston-area sculptor.

Via Instagram Scarpetta announced that she “couldn’t get her [Maleah] out of my head for a while now, when this happens, I usually have an out of body experience and have to sculpt it.”

According to reports by CNN the base of the sculpture was completed in just one day.


Scarpetta said the sculpture is a representation for all of the kids that have been taken too soon from this world. The sculpture will not be completely done until it is cast in bronze, Scarpetta says she expects to be working on the project at least another month.

There have not been any reports confirming if the sculpture will be on display in the city, although Shirley would hope that is the case.

Maleah was kidnapped on May 4th. It was reported by her stepfather Darion Vence that he was driving on the highway when he heard a pop and apparently thought he caught a flat tire. When he pulled over, 4 year old Maleah Davis was kidnapped.

Davis was positively ID’d on June 3rd, with her remains found in a trash bag. Since then, the case has been ruled a homicide.