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Memphis Grizzlies v Boston Celtics

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

Former Duke superstar, now a member of the Memphis Grizzlies Grayson Allen on-court antics while in college was well known. It would seem Allen’s temper has followed him to the NBA, the guard was ejected from a Summer League game for being too physical. Things got testy when Allen picked up first flagrant foul while battling with Boston Celtics rookie Grant Williams during a back screen, aggressively pushing him. Apparently, Allen wasn’t done, in another play he swiped at the ball elbowing Williams in the back of his head earning his second flagrant and subsequently getting tossed from the game.

Allen’s behavior towards Williams noticeably began to go off the rails after missing two free throws. While at Duke, he was a star and a hell of a player but was also known for tripping several players. His on-court conduct was so egregious that it led to the Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski stripping Allen of his captaincy during the 2016-17 college basketball season. Many began to question his mental state due to his repeated offenses.

Now while his first offense in the game was very obvious, some are questioning the second flagrant foul and don’t believe Allen was purposely trying to hit Williams in the head while making a legit play on the ball. Some are defending the Grizzlies guard by pointing out how “soft” the league has now gotten.

Others recounted numerous times Allen has lost his cool on the court and feel that he doesn’t belong in the NBA at all.

We wouldn’t be shocked if Allen is playing with a very short leash and the Grizzlies are monitoring him and his temper very closely. In college, he was a star on that Duke team, so he was given more leeway, now that Allen is in the NBA that is no longer case as the second-year player is still trying to prove he belongs on a professional NBA court.

Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty