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You might not be able to f-ck for free, but what about going on memorable first dates? Well, CASSIUS is #TeamFreeDates. If you’re single and rocking, it makes no sense to pay $100 every night you want to have more than a five-minute conversation with a lady. Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a gentleman or spend a little for second dates and beyond, but the first date should definitely be a vetting session.

Blowing your wad trying to impress a new lady is really not necessary, especially if you’re looking for something more than a quickie. Can you stand the sound of her voice? Does she have an opinion on things you care about?

Eliminate the drama and save some cash by mandating all of your first dates happen in the places below.


Walk the acres and talk. It’s a great way to find out if your date likes the outdoors—you can both bring bikes or skates if you want to up the ante— and see each other fully in the daylight.


Most museums are free—you can always give a small donation. Visiting these cultural sites is a great way to learn about something new and vet your date’s overall social skills.


Boardwalks are a great place to people watch.


Bring whatever you want from home, sit and chill out in the park.

Professional Mixer

Now, you don’t want to bring a stranger to your office party, but networking events that may be mutually beneficial are great places to meet up with someone you’re trying to feel out.