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Fans of Burger King worldwide undoubtedly know about the chain’s signature burger, The Whopper, and its veggie-less, bacon-and-cheese adorned cousin, the Stacker King. But Burger King South Korea is challenging our flame-grilled, stateside Kong-sized creations with its own mouthwatering Godzillas, the Stacker Whoppers. Thanks to BK South Korea’s “Real Whopper Challenge,” now available are the […]


2X US Open tennis champion Naomi Osaka is the new brand ambassador for Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer. As the new face of their "Don't crack under pressure" slogan, this potentially marks the end of her partnership with the Japanese electronics company Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.


The 90's classic arcade game NBA Jam will be getting its own documentary, based on the book of the same name. It will detail the game's development and history, through to the collapse of parent company Midway and the arcade game industry.