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Chef JJ Johnson is a busy man. Between working at his restaurant “The Henry by JJ,” overseeing the opening of his new spot in Harlem, keeping up with his loving wife and twin babies, it’s a wonder that the man has any time to breathe. But lo and behold, the celebrity chef has added a […]

It's important that we remain critical of the larger systems that continue to oppress us.

The production is fast-tracking the film to start production in 2019.

Sexual health education in middle schools has needed an inclusive update for a while now, but this one city in England is attempting to get it right. Brighton and Hove, a city of about 280,000 in East Sussex, England, has made an addendum that will increase inclusivity in their classrooms. The landmark report mandates learning […]

You’ll probably never hear us say this again…but give the American people what they want!! In a new survey from GraphicSpring, they have found that Americans and Brits are ready for a new kind of Santa. We’ve seen boring white man Santa. We’ve seen Black man Santa. We’ve seen Mrs. Clause of either race. But now…get […]