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Swedish officials have opened up an investigation into the men A$AP Rocky is accusing of harassing him and his entourage. This investigation comes as a result of Rocky being detained for two weeks by Swedish officials for a fight that occurred between Rocky’s team, and the two men. Rocky took to Instagram to show video […]


In what is undoubtedly the most active offseason in NBA history, we get yet another blockbuster trade. The Oklahoma City Thunder have sent Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Chris Paul, 2024 first round pick, 2026 first round pick, 2025 rights to a first round pick swap, and 2021 right to a […]


The festival is expected to kick off on July 29

“Mr. Atkins [Ja Rule] is thankful for today’s ruling and for the Court’s time and attention. Justice was done today."


Albert Haynesworth took to Instagram to notify his fans that he is in dire need of a kidney transplant following a kidney failure on Sunday. Haynesworth has been battling kidney disease for a couple years now and in the post he admits it is hard to understand how his body can fail like this so […]


Tracy Morgan was tapped with hosting the 2019 ESPY Awards. The most important part of being a host, is obviously the monologue, how you did as a host will likely depend solely, or in large part, to how you do on the monologue. Twitter had mixed reviews about Tracy’s monologue, some felt it was cringeworthy, […]

Forbes released its Celebrity 100 list of the highest paid entertainers in the world for the year 2019. According to the Forbes website, “the Forbes global Celebrity 100, which is edited by Zack O’Malley Greenburg and Natalie Robehmed, ranks ‘front of the camera stars around the globe using their pretax earnings from June 1, 2018 through […]


A conversation between Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill and his fiancée Crystal Espinal was released in its entirety on a Kansas City Radio station. This full audio completes in the missing pieces of the puzzle that were missing in an audio recording that was released by KCTV-5 back in April. In the new […]

Here's what was covered at the annual Board of Governors meeting.