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Playing nice hasn’t worked yet, and demanding marginalized people do so creates more harm.

I came home the summer after my freshman year in college unwilling—if not unable—to return back to the rules and order that existed before I’d lived on my own-ish for the better part of a year. Staying out until 5am, why not? I was “grown!” One evening, as I primped for yet another late night […]

The year is 1990. The Gulf War just started. I don’t understand much of it, but I am able to gather from the news that Sadaam Hussein is bad, from my parents that (the first) President George Bush is also bad, and from both sources that a lot of young men will die. Winnie Cooper’s […]

Will millennials rewrite the rules about sexuality? Can we?

Despite the absence of other folks’ compassion when Black people need it most, my immediate reaction to stories of sexual assault and harassment is almost always instinctively, deeply empathetic, race be damned. For that reason, this is one of the more challenging pieces that I’ve ever written. As I read yet another account of post-Harvey […]

As the online retail giant announces plans for a new service, dedicated customer Jamilah Lemieux says she has concerns.

Jesse Williams, Bree Newsome, David Wall Rice and other brilliant minds examine the shifting (or not) nature of modern day white supremacy