Katy Perry is supposedly working through her cultural appropriation issues with the help of activist DeRay McKesson.

All of Friday's new music in one place... you're welcome.

The Philly festival topped itself this year.

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The rookie blamed his low album sales on being misunderstood — proof that the 19-year-old rapper still has a lot to learn about the game.

"I got my fur on feelin' like Jerome."

Hov might break the Internet.

It looks like the vocals finally came in.

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First, it’s just not hip anymore to criminalize pot.


Summer music festival season is upon us. Meaning, the dopest acts in music are coming together to various locations to show their fans how they get down live. For newcomers, the festival circuit can be a huge career boost, for it gives them the opportunity to garner more attention and meet all kinds of major […]