Professional LeBron James hater, Skip Bayless, went too far with his latest sports take.

The NFL is back, and so are its lame fans who wasted no time in showing just how despicable some of them can be.

The shooting of Jacob Blake is invoking feelings from Black athletes because many of them know that Blake could have been them or someone they know.

Well, would you look at that, some progress is being made in the NFL.

Another day, another NBA rookie out here confusing being woke with stupidity.

If Antonio Brown still has hopes he will be run another route on an NFL field, he will have to wait for 8-games to do so

Teams in the National Football League are set to open training camps while it looks like all systems are go, players have been opting out left and right. 

The NFL has let its players know in advance, engaging in what it deems to be "high risk" behavior will result in your being disciplined.