White allyship is necessary to combat the injustices that people of color experience daily. However, it’s important to never confuse one’s allyship with a white savior complex—which is exactly what Cleveland Browns’ tight end Seth DeValve’s wife wants to avoid. In a first-person essay for Very Smart Brothas, Erica Harris DeValve writes how proud she […]

Michael Rapaport has an announcement for Conor McGregor —get ready for a beat down. TMZ caught up with the comedian and actor, who had a front-and-center view of Floyd Mayweather‘s training session on Thursday. The boxer is gearing up to face McGregor in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. “He’s going to […]

Baseball’s former “home run king” says NFL teams are dishing a “raw deal” to Kap.

The Asian-American announcer mutually agreed to be re-assigned.

It's about to go down.