Spirituality and religion are complicated topics to navigate for many people, particularly when considering the ways religious ideas tend to shape societal views on sexuality. Team CASSIUS spoke to Xorje Olivares, a Latinx media personality who identifies as gay and Catholic. He talked to us about his journey navigating life as a gay Catholic and how […]

While many corporate entities have demonstrated their support for Pride month, Nike’s #BeTrue collection might be the best one we’ve seen thus far. One of the sneaker giant’s promotional video features Leiomy Maldonado, a Nuyorican trans woman who has been owning the queer ballroom scene for well over a decade. The video features a heartfelt, poetic […]

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Class of 2018 was announced on Thursday. The class includes the names of some incredible celebs who have changed the face of their fields. Not only are these stars game changes, but many of them are for the culture as well. CASSIUS is excited to see the following notable talents […]

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L ast year, rapper Killer Mike ignited the #bankblack campaign by encouraging folks to open up accounts and make deposits in local Black-owned banks, which resulted in people investing millions of dollars in financial institutions owned by African-Americans. But sitting $50 or $100 in a community bank is only the first step in revitalizing these companies. […]

Sex culture varies in different countries around the world. There are communities known internationally for their legalized sex work, so if you’re looking to get it in sans courting rituals or simply want to hook up with a hooker without police drama, hitting a legal pay-to-play spot is the perfect way to spice up your […]

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These pro-tips max out the keep it simple factor.

They are remixing the culture to finally see themselves— the right way.

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Is the GOAT rapper now sharper in the boardroom than the booth?

The Queens duo also influenced the mainstream.

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The late rapper Prodigy battled with the illness for most of his life.

See? Millennials are woke AF.