In an era where athletes are amped to tell their own stories, it’s Barry Sanders’ turn.  In his new documentary Bye Bye Barry, the NFL legend delves deep to tell the tale of dominating the running back position throughout the 90s and then abruptly retiring in 1999. He was a hero for the oft-struggling Detroit Lions, […]

If you’ve sorely missed the rambunctious jokes of The Kid Mero since the end of the Bodega Boys duo last year, there is officially new art on the way. Podcast vet The Kid Mero’s not only returning to the podcast world, but he’s teaming with another New York mainstay, Carmelo Anthony. Dubbed 7PM in Brooklyn, […]

Ruby Barker, a series regular during season one on Bridgerton and made a guest appearance during season two as Marina, a Featherington cousin, is now accusing both Netflix and Shondaland of not supporting her while she suffered from two psychotic breaks.

Season three of Power Book III: Raising Kanan looks like it will be full of the drama we have come to expect from our favorite drug-dealing drama. 

National Geographic is telling Black stories we all need to see in 2024.

Thanks to the plethora of streaming services available (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Tubi, and on and on), finding something to watch, that will hold your attention, over the weekend can be a daunting task. Add to that the desire to see characters who look like you (read: Black, Latino, Indigenous, and people of color in […]