1. Belly

While Belly is known for the club-entering scene where we see Nas’ eyes light up, we can’t forget that it was X’s first time on the big screen. X played Sincere’s friend and partner in crime, but the latter is hell-bent on getting out of the drug business. However, Tommy pulls him back in to move major weight out west. Unlike most gangster movies, the end’s not all about death but new beginnings.

2. Romeo Must Die

Just two years later, X was back on set, fresh off his chart-topping album “… And Then There Was X” to star in Romeo Must Die alongside songstress Aaliyah and legendary martial artist Jet Li. Rather than another gangster movie, X plays Silk, a nightclub owner who’d eventually get killed for his involvement in a much larger feud between a Black and Chinese gang.

3. Exit Wounds

The following year X continued to make waves in Hollywood and hooked up with  ’90s action movie legend Steven Seagal for Exit Wounds, a film about the seedy underworld of corrupt cops in Detroit. Seagal, of course, plays a cop, and DMX plays a local drug dealer, and the two form an unlikely partnership.

And if you’ve never seen the car dealership scene, it’s a must.

4. Cradle 2 The Grave

Why mess up a good thing?

DMX connects with Jet Li and director Andrzej Bartkowiak once again for Cradle 2 The Grave. X plays a member with a criminal crew who take on some pretty expensive jobs. But the latest one, where they steal super rare black diamonds to eventually turn them over to a Frenchmen, turns out to be a bit more complicated thanks to Taiwanese Intelligence agent Jet Li.

5. Never Die Alone

Known as King David, DMX is a drug dealer who returns to his hometown after years elsewhere. The only issue is he’s got a lot of bad karma on his side and dangerous people who don’t mind settling old debts. One of which has a skilled henchman played by Michael Ealy.

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