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Kim Kardashian is the mother of four children with Kanye West and given the rapper’s most recent headlines, we’d imagine that co-parenting would be difficult. But in a recent interview on Jay Shettys’ On Purpose podcast, when Kim referred to herself as a “single parent” she was called out for obscuring the fact that she has the resources most single mothers don’t.

The billionaire and second oldest of the Kardashian sisters told Shetty that she cries herself to sleep sometimes when her children, North, 9, Saint, 7, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 4, give her a hard time.

“Sometimes, they’re fighting, and there’s no one there,” she said. “It’s me [that has] to play good cop and bad cop. So, that is definitely a challenge.” She also talked about how it can be dealing with the  bedtimes, moods and behavior of four little personalities.

“Sometimes, it’s nights where we are going hour by hour to see if we’re gonna survive. Night by night. If a tantrum comes in, oh my God. Your life is completely upside down,” she said.

But Kim also said that she enjoys being a mother, despite how overwhelming it can be.

“Everyone says the days are long and the years are short, and that couldn’t be a more true statement,” she said. “When you’re in it — especially when they’re babies and you’re feeding and there’s madness going on — it’s, like, full madness. It’s the best chaos, though.”

And she added, “It is the most challenging, rewarding job on this planet.”

Even though Kim’s struggles sound like the ones any single mother of four kids under 10 would face, some listeners felt she wasn’t being real about the significant advantages she has.

It’s been reported that Kim has a nanny for every child. With her personal fortune, she can afford them, as well as trips, educational enrichment programs, and all the help and resources any of her kids may need if they’re struggling in any way.

“Why is Kim Kardashian on Jay Shetty trying to come out as a single mom? Like you’re kids have a dad and a whole ass TEAM of people to take care of them,” one Twitter user said. 

Another single mother offered to change places with the reality show mogul.

“We can trade places,” she wrote. “I’ll take the $$$, nanny’s butlers, maids, etc.!! And you can take my place & be a real single mom sis.”

“Nannies are a part of Kim’s ‘single’ parenting that she didn’t reveal,” one Twitter user said.

Yet, another said Kim equating her struggles to those of any single mother was an insult to those who parent alone without resources to ease their way.

West and Kim certainly do have a massive fortune, even though Ye lost his billionaire status when he and adidas parted ways. In their divorce settlement, it was revealed that the former couple owns 19 properties between the two of them.

They own condos, mansions, estates, office space in four states and parcel of land in high-end areas of Southern California as per the settlement.

As far as being a single parent, Kim and Kanye share legal custody although it appears that Kim is the custodial parent. But their settlement stipulates that for major decisions including where they live and attend school, both parents have a say.

Shetty, 35, has become a celebrity guru of sorts through his YouTube platform and podcast. The British life coach and podcaster who was once a Hindu monk, has 1.2 million followers on YouTube and 13.7 million on Instagram. He’s also the author of the New York Times bestseller, 8 Rules of Love: How to Find It, Keep it and Let it Go, released in January.


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