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Black Male Celebrities Who Allegedly Underwent Hair Transplant Surgery

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

There is nothing more sacred to men, especially Black men, than their hairlines and, of course, their hair.

We go to great lengths to keep a full head of hair plus a sharp hairline and, in some cases, extreme measures to save it. For those who don’t have all the money in the world, it’s those constant trips to the barber combined with some Bigen hair dye that gives you the confidence to head out into the world without a cap.

For those who are well off, you can take things a step further by undergoing expensive procedures to restore your hair via hair transplants or other new hair restoration procedures. According to Healthline, the price to keep you looking forever young is steep and could set you back between $4,000 to $15,000. Being that hair restoration is considered cosmetic surgery, that money will be coming directly out of pocket. Other underlying factors like location, type of procedure, how good is the surgeon, and how much hair is needed also affect the final cost.

Now, if you’re a celebrity or some sort of public figure, hair restoration is an investment, and you will probably recoup that money from future projects. But at the same time, you also have to maintain your “new” head of hair, or you can be out here looking crazy. Case in point, Canadian rapper Tory Lanez is currently getting fried on Twitter because of ridiculous looking bald spot that got him out here looking like he’s slowly transforming into Sherman Helmsley.

Lanez is one of the few celebrities who has admitted that they have dropped bread to save their hairlines. Back in 2019, he revealed as much during an interview with radio personality Big Boy stating:

“It’s not Bosley, though … that’s when they slice your head and do all this weird shit. I didn’t do that. My shit is more so natural.”

“I met a doctor that does hair restoration—that is specifically for African American and Latino hair. So, basically, I was going away on my corners. They help me do the restoration.”

He might want to do a follow-up because his head is nothing but pure struggle.

It’s quite understandable that we all can’t be former ESPN anchor Michael Smith, former NBA players turned NBA analysts Jalen Rose and Grant Hill, who are considered the gold standard when it comes to crispy hairlines due to the fact they each look like a barber used a protractor to line them up.

But a lot of us also can’t afford hair transplant surgery to keep our hair and hairlines looking youthful. Lanez is definitely not the only celeb to go the surgery route. There are plenty of others who allegedly opted for the hair or hairline restorative procedures. You can see them all below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

1. LeBron James

The king from Akron is besting father time on the court, but it was always a losing battle when it comes to his hair. In the past, James would cover his receding hairline by wearing obnoxiously big headbands, but then there was the glaring issue of the growing bald spot on top of his head. James would eventually show up on the scene sporting a full head of hair leading many to believe he underwent hair restoration procedures. While he has never admitted to it, it does look pretty obvious. 

2. Tyga

The rapper and now Onlyfans model manager is looking younger than ever thanks to his head full of hair and nice hairline, but that always wasn’t the case. Tyga’s hairline was holding on for dear life but somehow magically came back. We only learned he had some work done thanks to Nicki Minaj spilling the beans. 

3. Safaree Samuels

Safaree Samuels from VH1's Love & Hip Hop New York Source:@PhotosByBeanz

We also learned that Safaree’s hairline was a product of a good surgeon after his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj spilled the beans during their online beef following their nasty split. 

4. Kenny Smith

Kenny Smith Source:@PhotosByBeanz

Kenny Smith is still bald, BUT many have noticed the return of a semblance of a hairline during recent telecasts of the award-winning NBA postgame show Inside The NBA. It’s quite hilarious because he is a strong advocate for LeBron James to embrace the baldie or, as he and Charles Barkley love to say, “come on home.”

5. Deion Sanders

Source:RESTORE Hair

Retired NFL Hall-of -Famer now the head coach at Jackson State University, Deion Sanders wasn’t shy about the lengths he went to get a full head of hair. Sanders spoke about it in a video shared by the hair restoration clinic RESTORE. In the clip, Sanders talked about the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure he underwent for his natural-looking new head of hair.

6. Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx’s hairline was the purest of struggles, and he underwent many changes to the point he actually shaved his head bald. Then out of nowhere, he just appeared with a new head of hair and a sharp hairline. Like other celebs, Foxx has not admitted to the surgery, but many believe he went under the knife, with some believing his tattoo on his head covers the surgery scar. 

7. Caron Butler

Caron Butler tried to hold on for dear life when it came to his hair but only ended up on Shaqtin A Fool for his sad attempt at trying to fool the world with his faux curls. He must have forgotten that all TVs are in HD and we can see everything.