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Isiah Factor Uncensored Gooch Grease

Source: Fox 26 Houston / Youtube

This is a story that probably wasn’t on your 2023 bingo card. Men are reportedly buying and using maxi-pads to deal with “Gooch Grease.”

Yeah, we had the same question. Apparently, gooch grease is the build-up of lint, sweat and fecal matter that accumulates in a man’s anal region after a long day of activity. Thus, men are using maxi-pads to deal with “excess” gooch grease, per Fox 26 Houston.

Hey, gooch grease has had an entry in the Urban Dictionary since 2005, so it must be a thing, right? Fox 26, actually Isiah Factor Uncensored with host Isiah Carey, surely saw it as cause for concern since the news outlet assembled a panel to discuss the problem.


“We need to normalize bidets,” said one panelist, influencer Bevin Biggers. That’s one way to address the issue.

“There was a young lady I meet, she wanted to come on ‘The Factor,'” recalled Carey. “Because she has dated and met so many men that leave streaks, not only on her bed but when they take off their underwear there are streaks in it. Who are you dating?”

You can’t make this stuff up. See the segment below and yes, Twitter has something to say.






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