dion waiters

As an adult, faking sick isn’t too hard– all you’ve really gotta do is have a convincing cough and lay low. But for some reason, no one ever told Dion Waiters the unwritten rule of playing hooky. The Miami Heat guard told the team last week that he was unable to play or practice last […]

Dion Waiters was listed as inactive for the Miami Heat‘s game against the Los Angeles Lakers Friday, he was out due to sickness. Shortly after being reported out, a report leaked that a Miami Heat player received medical treatment for a panic attack that is believed to be brought about from consuming THC infused gummy […]

The Miami Heat announced Sunday that Dion Waiters would be serving a one-game suspension during their season opener on Wednesday. Waiters reportedly got into it with Erik Spoelstra on the bench during the Heat‘s final preseason game on Friday against the Houston Rockets. The issue is likely stemming from the amount of playing time that […]