While many in the LGBTQ+ community participated in Pride celebrations across the country this weekend, there were some who took the annual celebration back to it’s roots: resistance. Protesters hit the streets at parades across the country New York City, Chicago, D.C., and plenty of other cities to fight for a variety of causes, […]

Spirituality and religion are complicated topics to navigate for many people, particularly when considering the ways religious ideas tend to shape societal views on sexuality. Team CASSIUS spoke to Xorje Olivares, a Latinx media personality who identifies as gay and Catholic. He talked to us about his journey navigating life as a gay Catholic and how […]

While many corporate entities have demonstrated their support for Pride month, Nike’s #BeTrue collection might be the best one we’ve seen thus far. One of the sneaker giant’s promotional video features Leiomy Maldonado, a Nuyorican trans woman who has been owning the queer ballroom scene for well over a decade. The video features a heartfelt, poetic […]

They are remixing the culture to finally see themselves— the right way.

We need to talk on who gets a face and a voice in the LGBTQ+ community.

Survivors, family members, and first responders are featuring in a touching tribute.

Despite recent LGBTQ representation wins in film and television (see: 'Moonlight,' 'Dear White People'), a new GLAAD report says LGBTQ invisibility continues.

A memo written by James Comey after a February Oval Office meeting reveals Trump asked Comey to end the FBI’s investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Our cultural identities are complex. They form the blueprint of our experiences and expressions, but our identities can also be a cause of alienation. As a queer Nigerian-American, photographer Mikael Owunna knows this first hand. Instead of allowing the lack of queer and trans African representation to break him, he created Limit(less), a photography project that has […]

According to GLAAD, at least ten transgender women of color have been killed in 2017.

“Diversity of every sort—racial diversity, gender diversity, acknowledging minority sexualities—is experiencing an explosion of recognition and representation in comics,” C. Spike Trotman, creator of the webcomic Templar, Arizona, acknowledged in 2015. But while this may be true (see: Riri Williams, America Chavez, and the melanated excellence of the forthcoming Black Panther film), the comic book industry, […]