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French Montana

Source: (Photo by Randall Michelson/Getty Images for Ignite International, Ltd / (Photo by Randall Michelson/Getty Images for Ignite International, Ltd., Alister, and BlitzBet)

Six days after admitting into a Los Angeles intensive care unit, French Montana is still hospitalized following undisclosed health issues.

The “Unforgettable” rapper, 35, was rushed into medical care Thursday after experiencing nausea, stomach pain, and an elevated heart rate. He’s still been in recovery for six days, with doctors looking for a solution to his current condition.

“6 days in icu,” Montana tweeted with prayer emojis on Monday. In the video posted, there’s a chalkboard shown for doctors working to help him “manage pain” as he is being hooked onto IVs. It is still unclear what is the cause for his current condition, but close associates suspect his travels led to him acquiring food poisoning.

According to TMZ, L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies were dispactched to his Calabasas home last week for what they thought was a possible murder that was a false alarm. Initially thinking he was intoxicated they told him to go the hospital. People in his camp think it may be due to all the traveling he’s been doing lately or food poisoning