TikTok would prefer a ban over selling if the company exhausts its legal options. This news contradicts other reports that ByteDance was exploring the sale of TikTok.


Last Friday, Drake hit us with his anticipated clapback at Kendrick Lamar, “Taylor Made Freestyle,” in which he used AI technology to generate the voices of Snoop Dogg and the late, great Tupac Shakur to help him diss the To Pimp a Butterfly rapper. Snoop responded to the release by hilariously mocking it, but Pac’s […]

After covering all the tech you need to keep your home secure, gifts for the gamers, and the wellness gurus, we’re wrapping up our Check The Tech series with our host, tech venture capitalist Sara Lovestyle,  On the final episode, entertainment attorney turned tech entrepreneur James Jones pulled up to talk about the best gifts […]

On the first two episodes of Check The Tech, we ensured you had everything you needed for the wellness gurus in your life and everything to help the gamers have a satisfied holiday season. Now, in the third episode of Check The Tech, we’re blessing you with the dopest tech for your house. Our host […]

In episode one of 'Check The Tech,' we looked out for the wellness gurus. Episode 2, it's all about the gamer in your life.

Google continues to put Black-owned businesses front and center with help from the US Black Chambers Inc

When you hear “tech gifts” you might start thinking about the latest smartphone or maybe a gaming system. But what about if you’re into wellness?

No one knows WTF pgLang –the company founded by Kendrick Lamar and director Dave Free in 2020– really does. “pgLang is a multi-lingual company, selflessly communicating this generation’s creative language through mediums exemplifying the shared experiences that connect us all,” reads its YouTube page. Despite its mysterious dealings, we do know that it seems to […]


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg opened the first day of Meta Connect with plenty of details about the company's upcoming offerings.

In his never-ending quest to change Twitter to his liking, Elon Musk has introduced his most confusing update thus far. Twitter has become synonymous with its bird logo, so it’s only fitting Musk switches up the iconic blue bird for a less fun “X.” still directs to the same site, but all branding has […]


It makes perfect sense for Kobe Bryant to be on the cover of NBA 2K24, but some gamers feel differently.


Dylan Pierpont, an illustrator based in Seattle, shared a moving tale about how he and his brothers bonded with their dad over VR golf.