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Source: Sony Pictures / Columbia Pictures

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. The first trailer for Sony’s upcoming flick based on the Marvel Comics’ character Morbius has arrived, and it doesn’t suck.


Twitter was abuzz Sunday night (Jan.12) when a picture of Jared Leto in full Morbius makeup hit timelines pleasing comic book enthusiasts.

Today (Jan.13), more photos arrived, revealing more information about the film and even hinting that Spider-Man will somehow be connected. In the picture, Jared Loto could be seen in an alleyway, and a poster of the web-slinger is on the wall with the word murderer written across it. Eagle-eyed fans also pointed out this could mean Morbius is following the events that took place in Spider-Man: Far From Home, where Tom Holland’s Spidey was set up by Mysterio at the end.

Rumblings of the film’s trailer began when Tyrese, who also stars in the movie, hinted at it arriving on Monday, and now we are here. In the 2:45 teaser, we see Leto’s Michael Morbius is suffering from a rare blood disease that renders him so weak he can barely walk. On his quest to combat his condition, he discovers a cure, but the side effect turns him into a bloodthirsty vampire with super strength and other heightened abilities.

While not much was revealed in terms of the film’s plot, there were plenty of easter eggs. Another clue that pretty much confirms the Morbius is indeed connected to the MCU was the appearance of Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming. The film also makes sure to point out that it’s from the same studios that brought us those two Tom Holland led Spider-Man films.

So it looks like it’s all coming together, and eventually, we will get Venom and the Sinister Six on the same screen with Spider-Man. Morbius is slated to arrive in theaters July 31, we won’t be shocked if we get one or two more trailers before the film’s release. You can sink your fangs into the teaser for Morbius below.

Photo:Sony Pictures / Columbia Pictures