'Gay Card Revoked' is the New Card Game That'll Have You Laughing and Learning

Source: Mike Jones / iOne

When you feel like you don’t quite fit in, it might feel like there are few things that feel authentic or like they are made for you. Enter Gay Card Revoked, a simultaneously irreverent and educational game that focuses on LGBTQ+ culture — created by a Black woman and a Black gay man.

The duo teamed up with Cards for All People CEO Latesha Williams (founder of popular card game Black Card Revoked) and Brandon Bouknight, a Digital Content Manager, to create the game. When Bouknight first met Williams through a work collaboration, she spoke with him about her initial ideas for Gay Card Revoked. She eventually reached out to him soon afterwards in March 2017 asking if they could collaborate.

“There are a bunch of different categories within the game, such as sex, music, tv and film, politics, history, life, and a couple of others,” Bouknight told CASSIUS. “I really wanted it to play on stereotypical things because I wanted it to be a fun light-hearted thing, but I also wanted it to be educational. Not only for gay people, but straight people as well.”

To play the game, you need to have a minimum of three people and a maximum of six people. Each person takes a turn reading the question on the card and there are two types of questions, ones with a majority rules answer and ones with a correct answer. While majority rules questions are more fun, poll-type of questions á la Cards Against Humanity, the correct answer questions are more trivia-based.

Bouknight didn’t just curate the questions, but he also curated focus groups of gay men, lesbians, and straight people in order to see how it resonated with all types of people. He was excited to hear which questions worked, which didn’t and the ones that had everyone in the room fall out laughing.

“A lot of the content in the card game is very risqué,” Bouknight laughs. “I definitely didn’t want my parents to see these cards. But with friends around, it’s a good time. Especially with the sex content, I wanted people to be honest with their opinions and laugh about it.”

But Gay Card Revoked wasn’t just created for shits and giggles — Bouknight wanted the game to be a learning experience for those who may not know integral information about the gay community.

In the future, Bouknight hopes there will be expansion packs for the game, including a lesbian edition and a transgender edition in order for these communities to learn from one another. He wants it to be a game where everyone can have a good time, whether you’re pre-gaming before you go out or just having a chill night at home with friends.