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Stack of Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Fresh Berries

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There are certain things that are sacred. Religion, family matters, and occasionally… breakfast food. We know that Twitter is the arena to hash out any type of beef in the 21st century…which is why IHOP and Denny’s went head to head on a very important issue: who’s the OG Pancake house?

Earlier this week, IHOP felt the need to defend what it felt was its righftul crown as “The Pancake OG.”

Like…you good fam?

Shortly afterwards, a certain other competitor felt the need to jump in to make a comment.

…but IHOP came in with the QUICKEST CLAPBACK!

People are hailing this iconic beef as the best Twitter exchange thus far in 2017…

aaaand taking the opportunity to meme the entire situation…

AND also taking time to bring other notable competition into the beef.

The debate is still going on today, three days after the original blow up.

But the real question is, which spot is your fave? Vote for your choice in pancake down below.