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DaBaby hits the Z107.9 Summer Jam stage!

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DaBaby‘s latest altercation has already landed him in hot water.

Days ago, TMZ obtained footage of DaBaby and his security walking through the crowd at an appearance at Whiskey North in Tampa, Florida. As the crowd parted, one overzealous fan shoved her phone (with the flash on) in DaBaby’s face close enough to hit him on the side of the head. DaBaby reacted by looking in the culprit’s direction and immediately unleashing a slap before his bodyguards ushered him away.

The smack was so loud, someone near the accident could be heard saying “He slapped the f*ck outta her” in the background.

Now the victim, Tyronesha Laws, has officially filed a lawsuit and claims that she wasn’t even the person who shoved the phone in the DaBaby’s face, but was standing next to the person that did.

Laws has attained representation of Matt Morgan and Chelsea Cromer of Morgan and Morgan, who say the incident was “outrageous and shocking.” Adding, “our goal is to deter similar conduct in the future and send a message that this type of behavior is not tolerated in America.”

TMZ says that Laws is suing for battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and other damages.

“I don’t feel like he was sincere with the apology,” Tyronesha said after the rapper was forced to apologize but still made fun of the incident in a skit with comedian Michael Blackson. “I was embarrassed. I had people calling me, writing me on Instagram through fake pages, people seeing me at my job like, ‘You’re the girl that got slapped.’ It’s embarrassing. My daughter wakes up in the middle of the night crying overhearing me on the phone with my lawyer talking about the situation.”

DaBaby has yet to respond to the lawsuit.