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Joanne The Scammer Performs At 'Something Special'

Source: Santiago Felipe / Getty

Clutch your keys and your credit cards — the ultimate scammer is making her way inside your home. Social media’s favorite messy bitch Joanne the Scammer is getting her own Netflix show.

Branden Miller, the man behind the platinum blonde wig, spoke about the new development with writer and activist Janet Mock in the recent episode of her “Never Before” podcast.

“If you know Joanne on Instagram, there are little snippets of her life [or] right in the middle of a scam” Miller divulges. “So I’m capturing that. Instagram give you one minute of that, the show will give you the whole storyline.”

When Mock asked Miller if it would be a sitcom, Miller told her that’s exactly what he’s hoping for.

“I can’t even speak that far ahead because I don’t even know,” he said. “All I know is we start off with her being married to this right white old guy, or maybe he’s not even older. And he drops her, so she’s trying to get to that place again of being Caucasian — whatever she thinks that is.”

Miller also confirmed to PAPER Magazine that the show is being developed by Joe Mande (Parks and Recreation) and entertainment company Super Deluxe. With the stars aligned in her favor, we can’t wait to see what Joanne’s able to pull off in full-length episodes.