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Stacey Dash really screwed up when she called California Rep. Maxine Waters a “buffoon.” The Clueless actress apparently  made the comments on Twitter following Waters’ award acceptance speech at Black Girls Rock. 

Dash got dragged across the Twitter streets and she mocked the backlash by saying if she was to take back any name calling, should would take away Maxine Water’s title of “Warrior of Truth.”

Now, in a turn of events, Dash says it was not her that made the original tweet. Then who could it be? A hacker? The “Kremlin Klan”? Bill O’Reilly back from “vacation”? Nope. According to Dash, it was her intern.

The biggest mystery here is actually why in the world Dash has an intern. And does this intern feel so empowered that they write tweets without checking with their boss? Maybe it’s time to change your password, Dash.

Maxine Waters has yet to respond to Dash’s tweets — probably because she has bigger fish to fry, like trying to save our country.

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