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Crown Heights resident Kathleen Reilly has been harassing locals for years, and cops have ’bout had it with her sh*t. Which is why the NYPD arrested the 63-year-old woman on Wednesday night, citing obstruction of governmental administration, two counts of falsely reporting an incident, disorderly conduct, and harassment.

According to Gothamist, Reilly, who lives not far from where Despers USA—the steel orchestra that’s been rehearsing, as they always do, ahead of Saturday’s annual steelpan championship outside Brooklyn Museum—was notorious for making noise complaints against local venues.

“It sounds like the same song,” she said referring to the Despers rehearsals. “It’s extremely loud, and it’s not what I want to sit in my house and listen to.”

And before you ask, yes she is.

“I like to do photography, so I just photograph whatever is going on in my neighborhood,” Reilly added. “I do it for my personal use. I never know what I photograph until I get home, but sometimes I see something that’s strange, I just send it to the authorities.” In other words, she has way too much time on her hands.

Speaking on Reilly’s arrest, a NYPD spokeswoman said Reilly appeared to have been shoving a recording device, “possible an iPad,” into the faces of victims—despite being asked to stop numerous times. “[She] disregarded orders to stop harassing individuals, called 911 making a false claim of a large disorderly group at the location which obviously forced the officers to respond to the scene, possibly putting officers and others in danger. Obviously there was no emergency that existed at that location.”

Reilly didn’t respond to a Thursday morning request for comment. Meanwhile, locals are rightly celebrating.

“She’s been harassing us for years,” Pagwah member Monica Gill, who witnessed the arrest, told Gothamist. “There were about 25 police officers. They made up their mind that they were tired. As soon as they walked up to her she started ranting.”

“She was saying she’d been here for eight years,”Gill continued,  “but this is our culture—we’ve been doing this for fifty.”

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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