Cassius Life Featured Video

The man who brought us one of hip hop’s most envied Casanovas has a few dating tips and you best take heed.

In an interview with Hypebeast, Dennis Graham (aka Drake‘s dad) dropped a few gems for the fellas, quickly sharing his opinion on what to wear, pickup lines, and how to act like a real man. According to the OG, he’d “probably wear a suit and tie” to a first date and he doesn’t really think “you need a pickup line,” because people usually “screw them up.”

While he has no idea what Tinder is, he does have some thoughts about how to act like a “real man.” The “singer, songwriter and lover” tells Hypebeast, “One acts like a real man when he’s humble. Be humble, be true to your woman, be true to yourself. That’s a real man.”

The face of More Life jokingly adds that as a rule of thumb, you should stay away from big booties. Watch above.