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Adrian Daniel may think he’s a normal guy from Brooklyn, N.Y., but there is nothing average or everyday about what he does in the booth.

Adding to an already impressive catalogue in anticipation for his forthcoming album, the Alternative R&B singer hit us with a new song from the project—and he’s calling it “Open Up.” Equal parts trap flow and R&B soul, it’s the kind of hit that grabs you from the moment you press play, inspiring you to reflect on your own hang-ups about being vulnerable in love and life. Adrian says the addictive track is all about “accepting someone’s imperfections and loving them in spite of them. It’s about allowing someone to love you even though you have flaws.”

In a moment of stunning sincerity, he adds, “We forget we all have flaws; we all have imperfections. That’s what makes us human. That’s what makes the relationship real.”

If you haven’t been introduced to Adrian just yet, he makes an amazing first impression with “Open Up.” Listen below and stay tuned for more.

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