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So how you doing, traditional (read: old) forms of media? What’s life like, trying to hold up in this fast-paced, digital-or-bust world? Because the fact is television = On Demand or streaming. And radio? Wait, is there even still radio? Once the beacon of mass communication and virtually the only way new music was discovered, radio is now considered a last choice relic by the millennial masses. Facts.

Or is it?

A recent study by Intergr8 Research released its third findings in a series on how ever-changing technologies are affecting radio listening.  Just when you thought that streaming platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, and TIDAL were dominating the influence of music consumers, it found that local FM radio stations are still the number one source for 15-to-39-year-old listeners to discover new sounds. Chill, is that even possible? Time to fact check the fact checkers.

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