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Snoop Dogg Clowns Danny Green After Bricks Wide-Open Game Winning Shot

Source: Sam Greenwood / Getty

Los Angeles Lakers fans thought Friday night (Oct.9) they would celebrate their team’s 17th NBA championship. Instead, they spent the night clowning Danny Green.


Everything was lined up perfectly for the Lakers. They were rocking their Black Mamba jerseys, which at the time they were undefeated in, so that means they are going to do this for Kobe and bring home the chip, right? Jimmy Butler says aht aht aht, not so fast.

The Miami Heat, who are grossly undersized, is proving to be one scrappy team, and Jimmy Butler put them on his back once again and willed them to a victory keeping their chances alive. Coming into game 5, the Lakers, especially LeBron James, knows how hard closeout games are, especially ones in the NBA Finals. Game 5 of the 2019-20 NBA Finals was a classic one with James and Butler trading big baskets in the game’s closing seconds.

After Butler made two clutch free throws putting the Heat up, the Lakers had the final possession of the game, and it looked like we were going to get one of those classic NBA “defining moments.” LeBron got the inbound pass, drove to the basket, drew the double team, and kicked it out to a very wide-open Danny Green, who missed the game-winning shot terribly.

Danny Green is no stranger to hitting big shots in the NBA Finals. In fact, he’s made quite a career of it during stints with the San Antonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors…except for last night.

As you can imagine, Green was catching serious heat from Laker Nation, especially from Lakers superfan, Snoop Dogg. The “Gin & Juice” never bites his tongue when it comes to his favorite team, and he viciously clowned the “sharpshooter” on Instagram before deleting the posts. Fortunately for us, nothing is really truly deleted on social media thanks to screenshots.

Green definitely missed his “Steve Kerr moment.”

Now, he wasn’t alone in catching the vitriol of Lakers fans who were denied a socially distanced NBA championship celebration Friday night. Markieff Morris got clowned when he threw the ball away after catching the offensive rebound following Danny Green’s brick that rocked the entire state of California.


The Lakers are still up 3-2 and have another chance to put the Miami Heat away on Sunday (Oct.11). Until then, they are going to get these jokes. You can peep more reactions to Danny Green and Markieff Morris in the gallery below.

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