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T.I. Confrims On New Song That His Friend Did Urinate On Drake

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Well, we definitely didn’t have this on our 2020 bingo card.


Back in 2015, Meek Mill and Drake were engaged in a back and forth on wax. On his diss record, “Wanna Know,” Meek Mill made the wild claim that an associate of T.I. urinated on the Toronto rapper. On the song, he rapped:

“You let Tip homie piss on you in a movie theater ni**a, we ain’t forget.”

At the time, the bar raised the listener’s eyebrows but quickly was dismissed by many as beef rhetoric. TMZ also decided to do some digging and revealed T.I.’s friend was insanely drunk, relieved himself on Drizzy’s shoe, and Drake ran out of the screening of the heist film “Takers” screaming “motherf*****.” Five years later, T.I. decided now would be a good time to revisit that moment.

For those who didn’t know, T.I. dropped a new album called The LIBRA. He also thought it was a good idea to hold an album release party in the middle of a pandemic. Anyway, on the track “We Did It Big” featuring John Legend, which lives on the album, T.I. confirms the incident. He raps that his friend, Terrance Beasley, aka Cap, who was killed in prison, did, in fact, soil Aubrey’s kicks.

“While I’m fightin’ my own somehow got you home. So drunk in LA, end up pissin’ on Drake, shit / F*ck it, that’s still my brother since back in the trap house.”

Well, that is embarrassing.

It would be interesting if Drake decided to speak about the moment himself. We totally understand if he doesn’t. You can listen to the record below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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