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Given the cooler temperatures, the holidays call for a lot of time indoors. And if you’re anything like some of our more introverted CASSIUS editors, much of your time inside is spent between pages—which is why book subscriptions are especially clutch this time of year.

Whether you’re fighting injustice through the acquisition of knowledge or just want to discover a new author to chase that tea with, we’ve pulled together six lit book subscriptions you may want to join (or gift!) this season.


What They Say: “There is a need for us discover stories about Black people by Black people in literature today. There is power in the sharing of ideas, knowledge and the stories of Black lives. I want to deliver these books to you and your family in hopes that you would read them, love them, read them again and pass them on. Our mission is to deliver beautiful boxes that hold delicious artisan snacks, useful bookish goods and most importantly, books that cross all genres, by talented contemporary authors of African descent.”

The Price: $34.99/month

Call Number

What They Say: “Call Number is a library-inspired book subscription box that celebrates contemporary Black literature and authors. Curated by a real librarian, this subscription service will help you build your own collection of quality Black literature. Each month, a box will be delivered to your door that contains a book along with a custom spine label and catalog card for your organizational purposes. You’ll also receive a few bookish and library-related items that pertain to that month’s book and theme.”

The Price: $35-$198/month (varies by membership type)

Haymarket Book Club

What They Say: “In the last year we have seen both the rise of right and the development of a new generation of movements on the left and our books have played a significant role in theorizing and organizing this opposition to racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-immigrant attacks. Being part of the Haymarket Books Club is a great way to continue to support our project of amplifying radical politics and voices and it also means you will get all of our new releases for your own library.”

The Price: $20-$30/month (varies by membership type)


What They Say: “MECCAcon happens once a year in Detroit, and all year long across the country and overseas, bringing top comic creators, filmmakers, and artists of the diaspora together for an amazing weekend. Now it’s coming to YOU! MECCAcon boxes are pop culture treasure troves, filled with items from all the IndieBlackComix/Afrofuturist/IndieFilm universes!”

The Price: $25.00/month

My Lit Box

What They Say: “MY LIT BOX is a monthly book subscription box celebrating diversity in literature! Each month you will receive a box containing a newly released novel as well as 1-2 quality book related goodies that will make your reading experience all the more enjoyable! I hope you see yourself, and your experiences on these pages as well as the experiences of others and are enlightened & entertained.”

The Price: $17/month

Noir Reads

What They Say: “Noir Reads is a monthly book subscriptions box featuring Black authors & writings of all genres. Each box contains 2-3 carefully curated books. Subscribers also receive a complimentary reading guide and contributor access to our online Book Club to discuss with other Noir Read subscribers!”

The Price: $34.99/month

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