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There’s no doubt about it, the Jaden Smith we saw putting in work in the 2010 reboot of The Karate Kid is no more. He’s grown into a young man and evolved into a bonafide music star in the process. His latest project, Syre, has seen success on the music streaming charts, and critics are warming to the 19-year-old’s unique musical direction.

Before the album, the younger Smith sibling already enjoyed an internet fan base from his “abstract” tweets, which could stymie even the most “woke” of individuals and prompt many to say that Jaden is “on some other sh*t.” But that’s not a characterization that Jaden runs from, as he proved in an official AMA (Ask Me Anything) forum on the popular website Reddit Wednesday (November 29) afternoon.

Smith dove right in, addressing one of the first questions that spoke to his weird tweets. A user asked,”How do you feel about people poking fun at some of your more ‘out there’ tweets? Do you have a hard time embracing the meme or do you just roll with it?”

Jaden responded as only he could, saying, “Hey First Off I’m Super Weird So I Don’t Really Care About Memes I Care Much More About Influencing Music And Fashion.” Smith went on to answer questions about hanging out with Frank Ocean, his latest album, and why he chooses to capitalize each letter of every word in his sentences. He even questioned the theory of our eyes being real, something he’s clearly thought about for some time now.

He went on to reveal more about his musical process and influences, and painted a clear picture into his creativity and where he wants to take his art. Read the complete AMA thread here.

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